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Борт 502

Работники автотранспортного предприятия ООО "Пассажирские перевозки" объявили о забастовке с 17 марта 2014 года

On March 17 the principal operator of passenger carrier on , Yoshkar-Ola and Mari El, LLC "Passenger transportation" has been rejected by bus routes. The main reason was the wage arrears. The enterprise is unable to repay the debts on wages because of insufficient and untimely financing of transport, as well as in the result of unsound competition from private buses. on March 26, desperate drivers took to the picket in the centre of Yoshkar-Ola.

17.03.2014 г.Йошкар-Ола. ООО "Пассажирские перевозки". Гараж.